Change grafana.ini in Portainer GUI

I am using grafana with docker installation.
How can I change the grafana.ini file inside the Portainer GUI (Container console)?

Hello :wave: and welcome to the forum, @gentleman

What are you trying to change in the config?

You can pass in configuration changes when you start the container like this:

docker run -d \
    -e GF_DEFAULT_APP_MODE=development \
    -p 3000:3000 \
    -v ~/src/ \

You just use the -e flag followe by GF_... using whatever the config label is, followed by =your-value-here

docs here:

I am trying to do the same here. My goal is to configure the grafana.ini file so that I can send email alerts notifications. Where to add you have passe on above, in the console shell of portainer or?