Case sensitive headers


I’m trying to make a simple POST request to a 3rd party that I don’t have any control. For some reason the headers that accept must be lower case, e.g: x-gp-api-key instead of X-Gp-Api-Key (which is how it is sent by k6 by default.

Is there a way to tell k6 to keep the “case” in my headers?

This is caused by the Go standard library’s http package, which k6 uses to make requests. It’s usually not a problem, because headers are supposed to be case-insensitive, see this SO topic and the RFC links inside of it. It was also previously discussed in this k6 open issue and I’ll link to this topic there.

Unfortunately, I don’t think we have a workaround for this right now, sorry :disappointed:

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We looked into this again and it’s more complicated than we originally realized, I’ve summarized the finding in this comment.

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Hi Ned,

Thank you very much for jumping into this so quickly. I’ve read the comment and I understand that there’s not much left to do at this point except to try to solve it myself with xk6.

Thanks again!

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