Can't log "Type error cannot read property"

Hi team,

I am running into an issue. Apparently some request does not seem to fulfil (highly likely on our app’s side)

ERRO[0033] TypeError: Cannot read property 'id' of undefined

I tried to see if it could be logged and also added --http-debug to the run but nothing shows :

It looks to me, the id im trying to use is not ready from application side, but I do want to make sure it is indeed the application. Statuscode checks all seem passed. However I can’t seem to log it properly to make sure what statuscode it returns(in the console).

Is it possible when a typeError occurs, to add it into the final results overview?
What would be your recommended approach in this case?



Hi @rodyb

Could you please post an example of a script (anonymized) that illustrates the error scenario you’re describing, it would be really hard for me to help you in a productive manner otherwise :slight_smile:

Cheers :bowing_man:

Hi @oleiade,

Thanks for your quick reply.

export function setup() {
    token = authenticateOAUTH();

    return {
        'token': token,

export default function (authenticated) {
    let session = new Httpx({
        headers: {
            'Authorization': 'Bearer ' + authenticated.token,
            'Content-Type': 'text/plain'

    group('Organize - Create a Metaproperty and an option ', function () {
        data = `data={"name": "${random_name + randomIntBetween(1, 5000)}", "type": "select", "label": "${random_name + randomIntBetween(1, 5000)}", "isEditable": "true"}`
        let createNewMetaProperty =`${__ENV.URL}/api/${__ENV.TARGET}/metaproperties`, data, {tags: {name: "Create metaproperty"}});

        id = createNewMetaProperty.json()['id']

        check(createNewMetaProperty, {
            'Metaproperty Status code 201': (r) => r.status === 201,
            'Id exists with correct name': (r) => r.json()['id'].includes(id) || errorRate.add(1),
            'ID not empty' : (r) => r.json()['id'] !== null,
            'Metaproperty created': (r) => r.json()['message'] === 'Created',

        var metapropertyFound = pollForMetaproperty(id, random_name, authenticated.token)
        check(metapropertyFound, {
            'Metaproperty is found': (r) => r.status === 200 || errorRate.add(1),
            'Name of metaproperty has correct name': (r) => r.json()['name'].includes(random_name)

        session.addHeader('Content-Type', 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded');

        data =  {'data': `{"name": "${random_name + name + randomIntBetween(1, 5000)}"}`, 'options': `{"name": "${random_name + randomIntBetween(1, 5000)} + OPTION NAME"}`}
        let addOption =`${__ENV.URL}/api/${__ENV.TARGET}/metaproperties/${id}/options/`, data, {tags: {name: "Create Metaproperty option"}});

        check(addOption, {
            'Option Status code 201': (r) => r.status === 201 || errorRate.add(1),
            'Option is created': (r) => r.json()['message'] === 'Created'

    group('Organize - Modify Metaproperty option', function () {
        session.addHeader('Content-Type', null);

        let getMetaPropertyToValidateOption = session.get(`${__ENV.URL}/api/${__ENV.TARGET}/metaproperties/${id}`); //<<<-- based on the typeError it gives an error somewhere here I believe. 
        optionId = getMetaPropertyToValidateOption.json()['options'][0]['id'] 

        check(getMetaPropertyToValidateOption, {
            'Validate name is present' : (r) => r.json()['options'][0]['displayLabel'].includes(random_name + name),
            'Option Id is not empty' : (r) => r.json()['options'][0]['id'] !== null

Looking forward to your reply! Thanks in advance!

Thanks a lot for posting your example script :+1: That’s really helpful!

You seem to be accessing 'id' in a variety of places, have you been able to isolate which of those throw a TypeError?

The json() method of HTTP Response returns either an Object or an Array, thus what k6 is reporting here, is a JS error happening because you’re trying to access the id property on a value that is undefined. From what I see in your code, that means that in the case of getMetaPropertyToValidateOption.json()['options'][0]['id'] for instance, it could be that the result of getMetaPropertyToValidateOption.json()['options'][0] is undefined (thus likely either options is undefined in your response’s body, or the array is empty and does not have an index [0]).

To track where the error happens, I would wrap every call you make which tries to access ['id'] with a try/catch block printing a dedicated message to the terminal, to find out what happens:

try {
    optionId = getMetaPropertyToValidateOption.json()['options'][0]['id']
} catch (err) {
    console.log(`unable to get meta property to validate option, reason: ${JSON.stringify(err)}, with body ${JSON.stringify(getMetaPropertyToValidateOption.json()}}`

Let me know if that helps :bowing_man:

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Thank you!

I see that in that point of time, the server is still processing the options. It’s empty.
This really helped! Much appreciated :slight_smile:

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I’m glad I could be of help :clap:

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