Can't Connect Grafana To MySQL

Who is hosting the mysql and the grafana

I strongly believe this is a non grafana issue but more networking/config on the mysql side

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Both servers are hosted with Linode (Akami).

paying customer? time for that support call.
Also look at error logs on the mysql side of things.

I think I’ve found the issue. I’m a novice sysadmin so please forgive me if this makes no sense.

I used a port query tool to ping the MySQL server on port 3306, specifically. The result was a status of NOT LISTENING. Then I used the ss -lnt command to list the listening ports and the result was that port 3306 is bound to the localhost address. Port 3306 is set to ALLOW in the firewall, so I presume this means that the port is open but not accessible publicly.

Am I correct? Is this the issue?

If this is the issue, I have no idea how to make the port listen for connections from the Internet. As I posted previously, I’ve already set the binding address in the config file to I would have thought this was enough.

How come your other tools can access it though ?

Because they connect to the server via an SSH tunnel first and then use the local host to connect to port 3306. But, unfortunately, the MySQL plugin in Grafana can’t connect that way. It has to be direct. It all makes sense now.

So my question is, how do I force the server to listen on port 3306 for external connections?

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I would ask that question on a mysql forum or call support

You would get more traction

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