Can you split one-field one-row table with json value into multiple fields and rows in table dashboard?

Hello there!
I want to have a table in Grafana with dynamic number of rows to monitor current data in database.
Before that, it worked through SQL-authentification and there was a single SQL datasource that enabled me to write query directly for Grafana table dashboard.
But right now I have to do it through windows authentification and Zabbix datasource, but i can not authentify directly in Grafana, because server is not Windows.

I was trying to figure out, how to extract fields and rows from a single text field in the table in Grafana. Still had no luck.
I’m monitoring Sql Database with Zabbix. I have an item in Zabbix, that returns a JSON-string as a single text string.
I had to do it this way, because, apparently, Zabbix can not return you a set of database rows.

I have tried multiple ways of extracting fields from the main field, but there is no way to do that, because i can not split this json into ROWS.
I can split each json object into different fields, but that does not help, because, apparently, you cant transform fields to rows for JSON format.