¿Can Telegraf track the OS version from a machine to display it on a pannel?

Hello everyone.

So i’m using Grafana 8.4.4 with flux queries and InfluxDB 2.1.1 to track metrics from a Telegraf i’ve installed in a Windows Server. Basically i searched a lot, but i haven’t found any input plugin or any way to make a pannel that displays the type of OS or the version that has the machine with the Telegraf.

This may not sound very useful, but if you’re tracking info from a lot of clients with different types of machines and OS it would be pretty cool to have more context in a quick look.

If someone knows of an input plugin that does that, or how to send the data from a powershell command to an input, or how to make a custom input that can track the OS version, type, license or whatever, it would be very helpful.

What is the telegraf installed doing and is it capturing data into influxdb?

Yes, the Telegraf is tracking data from the machine it is installed on (a windows server) and sending it to a bucket on influxDB so i can display it on a Grafana dashboard that uses flux queries.

For anyone who can be useful, i already solved this thread on an Influx forum:

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