Can not understand how vus works


I’m try to understand how vus works. since I’m running different profiles (.har), ex: I have profile1, profile2 and run on 5vus with about 10m .

bellow sample code ( pseudo code)

export default function() {
    group('profile'+profilesId, function() {
       profile_vu_gauge.add(1,{ profile: profilesId.key});

In here I want to show the how many concurrent users are accessing each profile in given time.
ex: given vus graph shows that there are 4 vus in given time,I want to show how many users are accessing profile1 and how many of them are accessing profile2.

Please let me know if you need more clarification on this

Hi @arunaxp,
My grafana/influxdb isn’t great but given that you’ve added a tag you can group by tag(profile):