Can I use elasticsearch _cat endpoints as a datasource?

I’m trying to replicate some elements of elasticsearch stack monitoring in grafana.
I have a table that lists nodes. I want to include how many shards are on each node in that data.

I am not using Prometheus.

Is it possible to call /_cat/shards from an elasticsearch datasource and Merge that data in with my other monitoring data?
OR will I have to use metricbeat to index the data and use that instead?

Hi @nathan3547

Pardon if you’ve already done this, but have you added and succesfully configured the elasticsearch datasource plugin for grafana? Also, what version are of Grafana are you running:


I actually ended up using metricbeat to make the call, and using a metricbeat script to aggregate some numbers and index it with the rest of my monitoring data in a way that I could include it in my grafana dashboard.

It’s not ideal from a maintenance pov, but it works.

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