Can I escape '.' in JSON key names when converting them to labels?

I am unable to write a correct query in the Log browser to make grafana accept my JSON key names - for labeling - when they contain the ‘.’ (period) character.
I do understand that the period character’s normal use case is to lower the search on the JSON object tree, but I would like to know if there’s a way to work around it.

Let’s say my JSON looks like this:
"normalKeyNames: "labeling works correctly",
"key.with.periods": "labeling not working"

I tried the following things, none of which seem to be working (no labels created/found or direct error):
... | json newLabel="key.with.periods"
... | json newLabel="key\.with\.periods"
... | json newLabel=(backtick)key.with.periods(backtick)
... | json newLabel=(backtick)key\.with\.periods\(backtick)

I assume it is not a bug because if I allow all of the fields to be parsed automatically (| json without parameters), the label is correctly created.

Hey @ler0sq

You’re almost there!
Try this:

... | json newLabel=`["key.with.periods"]`

You can refer to the docs for more examples

Damn, that combination did not cross my mind. Thank you.