Can I create "Variable filter" with 2 options (<= 0 AND > 0) for table panel

Hi Guys,

Hope I can find answer here, couldn’t find anything in google [and actually unsure how to search it properly]

This is an example of my table:

ID | Name | Log Count
a78s6d187 test1 10
a78s6d188 test2 0
a78s6d189 test3 1
a78s6d190 test4 0

I would like to have a filter that filters every line where “log count” is 0, and another for the rest [> 0]

Is that somehow possible?

I’ve tried using text instead of 0 [e.g. “no logs”] and then filter with “custom” and use this text, but this doesn’t work.

Table is queried in SQL against postgres server [if that’s important]

Thank you in advance!