Can i control tps for each http call in default function?

If we have three api hit in default function.Can we control tps of each call?
export default function{
i want api1 to run at 10 tps while api2 at 20 tps and api3 at 5 tps.

Hi Sanjay,

You can take the idea of creating a constant request rate with k6 and try to apply it to your case.

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Hey @sanjay.bansal57,

With the release of k6 v0.27, you can now have multiple scenarios, each executing a separate function with distinct HTTP requests.

I have also written a new blog post explaining the constant-arrival-rate executor to generate a constant request rate via the new scenarios API:

How to generate a constant request rate in k6 with the new scenarios API?

Good luck! :slight_smile: