Bytes throughput Over Time

In JMeter, this information is available from the HTML report. Hence, does it has a similar kind of information to find the throughput info, such as TPS.

Hi @xyngfei, do you mean as in a graph, as there is a total and avg data_sent and data_received in the summary?

K6 doesn’t do graphs you should use another tool(s) with k6 - for example influxdb + grafana or the Load Impact’s service for visualization - Insights.

Hi @mstoykov

I knew I can get the total avg data_sent and data_received in the summary via cli output. Is there any way without using the grafana dashboard, I can create the offline chart via the csv raw data file?

Yes, @xyngfei,
data_sent and data_received are metrics and as with all other metrics they are sent to InfluxDB and you can make a graph from them using Grafana.

All outputs (CSV and JSON included) do get the same metrics that InfluxDB gets, but I haven’t done graphs from the CSV output (or the JSON one) and can’t give you any recommendations on what to use, sorry.