Browser steps getting 422 Error for Post requests in k6 cloud

I have recorded the browser steps using k6 chrome extensions.
And when I run for 1 vus for 1s I am getting 422 error code for Post requests. All Get requests works.
How to fix this ? Let me know if you need more details.


In short, if the browser can do it, so can k6.

The Flood IO Challenge is designed to test the capabilities of the load testing tool as well as your HTTP reverse-engineering skills; a simple record and playback is not going to work, regardless of which tool you use.

The HTTP 422 is basically Flood’s way of telling you there’s something wrong with what you’re sending. Another thing I’ll point out is that just because you receive HTTP 200 responses does not mean those requests are “working” either; quite often you will find an error message embedded in the response of a HTTP 200 (developers have full control over how errors are brought back to the client).

You’ll have to debug the script as you would any other script in any other tool. That typically involves looking at the request/response data you’re sending/receiving and comparing it to the original recording (as that is an example of a working HTTP conversation).