Bloom_filter simple deploy for testing

I’ve read the bloom_filter docs which state that the deploys should be done in SSD or in microservices. If i’m just playing around in the lab and want to experiment w/ bloom filters is there anyway for me to enable this feature in monolith mode? ( I just used the apt install method).
I should add that i added the following to my loki config

  enabled: true

  enabled: true

  bloom_gateway_enable_filtering: true
  bloom_compactor_enable_compaction: true

I’m also very interested about this topic.

In my case, I’m running loki in docker. Additionally the configuration changes, I’ve added two extra containers, with an extra option:

  • -target=bloom-gateway
  • -target=bloom-compactor

I think the monolith process does not start these components, even the configuration contains these sections.

Actually the compactor started to do his job, created extra directory and data,
But: it does not accelerate queries for me neither :frowning:

I would be very interested to see a working configuration, and to have the information whenever the monolith deployment can work with bloom filter or not.