Bar width in time series

Bar charts for time series don’t fill the entire timeGroup time span. In the picture above, the timeGroup has a span of 1 hour, yet the bar width is only 40 minutes - how can I get the bar to expand for the entire hour? It doesn’t seem possible.

Below is my exact SQL query:

SELECT $__timeGroup(created_at, ‘1h’, 0) as time, count(id)
FROM some_table

I have the same question.

The combination of line and bar charts is only possible in a time series chart.

Is there a possibility to change the bar width in a time series chart? In a pure bar chart this is possible.

In this case, the data for the bar chart is grouped by hour and I would like to display the bar width for the whole hour as well.

So far I have not found out if it is possible to change the width.

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