Backup and restore Grafana files

Hi Community,

Is there any way we can backup all grafana files automatically? If so, can someone guide me how we can achieve this please.


I would like to backup all grafana dashboards including datasources, ideally everyday. This should be done in an automated way instead of backing up manually. Any solution for this please?

Welcome @rockythehitman90

Where is your grafana installed on? on bare metal, on your laptop, on a virutal environment?

You could automate this via bash or python or powershell, depends on your environment.

Hi @yosiasz Thank you :smile:

FYI, I am logging in grafana from the URL on windows OS.

That doesn’t answer the question of where grafana is installed but basically you want to do what @sowdenraymond already posted using powershell or python to back up the conf and data folders.