Backslashes in metric path


we are exporting metrics from checkmk to metric tank in the graphite format, using octal escapes (checkmk monitoring system only supports two options how to handle special characters in hostnames and services: octal escapes and replace all graphite special characters with underscores, which is not invertable).

A metric path looks like this for example with that octal escape option:

The metrictank is connected via the built in graphite datasource plugin.

When trying to retrieve metrics from that metrictank datasource via Grafana Explore (same issue inside panels), no metrics can be found. They exist in metrictank.

For the query “my.prefix.some\056host\056name.Interface\040Ethernet\05711."
the query inspector data field shows:

So, the Grafana plugin (url) percent encodes the backslashes in the api query request.
Metric tank should of course lookup for the url decoded path. My guess is, that the issue is the en/decoding of the path and the metrictank lookup has an empty response because it gets the wrong path.
Weird thing is, that in the explore series field, where one specifies the query, autocompletion to the metric path is working fine with the backslashes.

Does anybody has an idea how to work around, or maybe advice how to troubleshoot further?

Best Regards!