Backing up or committing dashboards to github

What are people doing to backup their Grafana dashboards? I’ve seen online people saying to use the grafana api to export the dashboard and save it off somewhere. Is that was everyone is doing or is there direct integration with Git?

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we became aware of this fine piece of software just the other day. It might help you along.

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I have been using the repo that you is suggesting, and had to rebuild an installation with the backups from it. It is a good backup solution and you can easily add the backups into a git repository if you wanted to as well. The backup bash script could do the add, commit and push at backup completion so just one command need be run :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link. I opened three new issues, one of them with a patch attached.

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You could, alternatively, use Wizzy - retrieving dashboards, datasources and organizations as JSON files in order to version control is one of the use-cases.


Wizzy works great and is much better structured - thanks!

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so the idea is to introduce yet another point of failure to remedy possible point of failure? There should be much easier way to backup/restore -e.g git commit/push from the dashboard location

2 Likes has been revamped by Aaron Johnson through to work without any bashisms. Now, the program features a to be installed as a Python-only package.

As it is now available on PyPI at, installation should be as simple as

pip install grafana-backup
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