Authentication token and domain + API issue with k6

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Hey community

I am a newish QA Engineer on my team. I have adopted the k6 cloud to do some load testing. This is my first time doing load testing so any help would be much appreciated.

I have the k6 browser extension to record and create the har files to upload into the test builder within k6-cloud.

Now there are two issues I have come across.

First is when I record and import the file it grabs the auth token. These tokens expire after 10 hours. So when I save the test it is using an expired token and thus I get a lot of 401s on the requests. Is there a way to put in a new auth token within the test builder possibly in the environment variables?

Second when I upload the tests to the k6-cloud (free) account I have 6 domains I want to include within the load test. The requests per domain are 3, 2, 8, 421, 25 and 6. I am unable to include the domain with 421 requests and cannot save the test. There is no error received or prompt stating why. Any solutions for this?

Thanks for your support.

Hi @nickchavez1, welcome to the community forum!

On the first one:
You will need to figure out where this comes from and get it in the appropriate way instead of just using the default one.

Please refer to this documentation on correlating responses from one request with the parameters to another.

I didn’t really understand what did not work for the second one and what you tried.Can you please give more information on what you tried - the script if possible. And what happens when you try to run it , as well as how you try to run it.

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Thanks @mstoykov for the response. I’ll check out that link / read me for the auth token issue.

So for the second,

In the test builder. When you upload the .har file from the recording it asks which domains you want to include. These domains have API requests. One of the domains has 421. When I select to include this domain the file / test will not save.

Hey @nickchavez1, could you send your har file to so we can investigate further?