Authentication of datasource

I need somebody’s help. I would like to integrate grafana into my application. I have been using linksmart sensorthing plugin datasource to get data from the REST APIs. I can get data into Grafana without issues, but I need to be able to give permission to teams in Grafana to access different APIs. The source plugin doesn’t allow this because it points only to the server and I need different datasource for different dataset(API). Could you please advise or point me in the right direction?

Hello @krajciovka

This may be helpful if you want to embed some grafana data into your app:

It is also a feature in Grafana to generate PNG image by link,
so you may display this PNG for your user in app:

Hope this will be helpful,

Thanks for your response. This is only solution if I share the ready panel with the users.

But in my application, the user should be able to create their own panels with data from different datasrouces. Thus, I need the permission on datasource.

My vision is, that the user would be assigned to team(s) and every team would have permissions to use different datasource. This way the user can access only permitted datasources.

Is it possible to set it up?

Please let me know.

Hello @krajciovka

My understanding - Grafana HTTP API may help you in your application:

However in Grafana docs I don’t see how to add/edit panels with their API.
This Go file has all endpoints definitions:

Hope this will be helpful,

Thank you very much for your response. I have resolved half of this issue by using WSO2 product for authorization of different datasources. However, I thought that I could use Organisations to limit the permissions in Grafana for dashboards, and datasources. When I tried to set up organisation, there is the message that Organisations will be deprecated and we should only use Teams. I have got the open source version of Grafana. Is there a way how to use Teams for permissions on open source version of Grafana?