AppendRow to frame with unknown types, fields

Hi, working on developing a backend datasource plugin. The skeleton got me a good start and I’m experimenting with it. All the examples seem to expect pre-determined data types and a list of fields. Add a time.Time called time and an int64 called values. Ok, but what happens when your plugin supports a query. A backend database could send any list of fields with mixed datatypes. Of course the result set will have the list of columns and their types at query time, but I just don’t get how something like NewField or AppendRow which is expecting all this information at build time could work with something that changes on an as-queried basis. What am I missing here? Point me in the direct direction and I’ll google and experiment but I’m about out of ideas.


Here it is:

frame.AppendRow([]interface{}{time.Unix(1697119690,0), int64(20), string("us-west-2")}...)

This is what happens when Rubyists wade into GoLang. I think I’m good to go. If there are better guides though for what I’m trying to do please share