Alerts states automatic annotations not shown on Annotation list panel

Hi, everyone!

I am using Grafana 8.4.3 and the Unified Alerting system.

In former versions I used to use Alert List panel to show the historical state of the alerts defined on the system, but this feature seems not to be supported anymore on the 8.x.x versions.

I am trying to get the same functionality by other means, so I decided to use the new Annotation list panel. According to the documentation this panel should be able to take the annotations from one Dashboard (or the whole system) and show them. However, this is only working when the annotation is set by the user, but not when they have been generated automatically when an alert state changes.

Here I show you an example:

I expected to see all the 4 annotations shown in the panel, but it only shows the ones done by me. The ones automaticaly generated showing a state change on the correspondent alert are not shown.

Does someone know how to get this kind of annotations shown? Any other solution for this purpose?

Thank you in advance!


We solved this using recently added Grafana HTTP API Data Source as discussed in The Annotation list panel is no longer updating from alert annotation

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