Alerts for multiple time series


I have a graph which has multiple time series. I’m wondering how I can set up alerts for multiple time series. What does count() or sum() mean for multiple time series over query(A, 5m, now)?

if you query returns multiple series the reducer function and threshold will be checked for each series.

count() means count the number of data points in each series (individually) and compare against thresholds.

sum() will sum all datapoints for each series (each series is summed individually) and compared against threshold.

If any series causes the condition to be true an alert will fire. We do not yet have per series state tracking so if one series causes the alert to trigger and then later another series casues the alert to trigger (while the alert is still in altering state) you will not be notified of the other series alerting. We do want to add per series state tracking.

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I am new to Grafana and wanna know how a multiple series-query look like?

I am using InfluxDB as Datasource and I tried to use Templating, but that is not supported.

This is my query right now,

SELECT mean(“value”) FROM “Voltage” WHERE (“name” =~ /.MS/) AND $timeFilter GROUP BY time($__interval), “name” fill(previous)

Is that a multiple series-query?