Alerting - ElasticSearch metric noData

Hello, i want to create an alert with elasticsearch data source. The graph was able to display data. When goes to the alert tab and test using Test rule, it return me “Condition: Eval: true, Query Returned No Series (reduced to null/no value)”

Here is my query inspector:

Here is my alert settings:

Grafana version: Grafana v6.5.1 (1763a0f)

This issue happen only at Production data source, i have another similar data source in pre-prod but have no issue with it. The only different for two source is pre-prod was proxy but not production. I am not sure is that will affect the result. Please help.

Thanks in advance.

Better you put the condition like below:
Evaluate every 30s for 5m <= depends occurrence on the data
WHEN max() OF query(A,5m,now) BELOW 0.5

TIPS: alert must be tuned related to the data behavior

Fadjar Tandabwana