Alert when the node is unavailable

Hi guys!
Grafana Cloud v10.3.0
Grafana agent on nodes and Linux Integration on Grafana

I’m trying to create the most basic alertering scenario. When the host is unavailable. No data for 10 minutes for a metric - make an alert.

Query (10 minutes, MD = 43200, Min. Interval = 1m) :

sum by(instance) (up{job="integrations/node_exporter"})

Classic condition, WHEN last() OF A - HAS NO VALUE.
I’m getting:

Series 1

Condition Reduce + Threshold aren’t appropriate because they don’t show data when it’s not there.

Also I try Alert state if no data or all values are null, but I’m not getting an alert.

Let me know if you need more data.

Perhaps there are other ways?