Aggregating and calculating data Monthly (in Table Panel)

Grafana: V5.1.3
Data Source: Elasticsearch


As the above picture depicts, I could able to create a table aggregated for the mentioned time (Say 18 April to 18 July). If I enable the Time stamp field in the table, it shows data - by day (screenshot below). Is there any way that we could able to aggregate the data monthly?

For Example, If i choose the time line as “April 1 2018 to July 18 2018”, it should give me the aggregated data for April, May, June and July.

Additionally, I wanted to do the calculation of ((Met/Total)*100) which I could able to bring it on the graph panel but again it is limited by daily. It’d be awesome, I could able to bring out this data for Monthly.

Any help is appreciated.

Should you need any more info, let me know.

Use date histogram with interval 1M or month. Regarding calculation it’s not supported - you may be able to use the MetaQueries plugin for that.