Adding the counter metric from two different time range for the same prometheus metric

Hi All,
I have created a counter metric in python using Prometheus client which counts the number of images processed. I am visualizing the same in grafana.
However when I stop my code containing the prometheus client and restart the counter restarts from 0.
I can still see the previous metric in grafana. Can I add both to have a aggregated count value

The image is shown below

The first line shows a count of 21 images processed. Then I close the system.
I started the system again and now 31 images are processed . Is there a way that I can show by selecting tome range and generating a aggregated graph that shows 31+21= 52 images have been processed from 15:00 to 2:00.
Thanks a lot

@anujonline645 welcome to the forum :wave:

I would try and combine several options in the panel editor. Specifically try adjusting the stack series and connect null values options

re displaying a sum: another panel like the stat panel can display calculations like total: