addCustomEditor editor component doesn't render

So I have created custom editor… I noticed that on dashboard this component doesn’t get render-et. so on this view is missing option series… which is created in custom editor


@davidkramer12 Custom Editor is a panel option. It’s not rendered on the panel itself.

Click on the panel ‘Edit’, and you will see it on the right side.

Damn… But is there a way to render on the panel?

@davidkramer12 You render it as any other Select/Input component using Grafana UI and options.

The caveat for Editors, if you change options directly from the panel, Grafana will ask you if you want to save the dashboard, which is expected behavior.

Do you mabye have a solution if you would need to create like series of option based on each data?

bascily this is pretty close but this is generating selection option based on data but i need create options… Se let’s say you have in data [ A,B, C] and then you generate on each letter a select , boolean etc. if you know what I mean

Check out the Data Manipulation plugin, it has a lot of custom editors.

Thank you I will look into it

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