ActiveMQ Publishing via STOMP

I’m trying to use k6 to publish to an ActiveMQ broker. Obviously supporting each queuing service is too much to ask. However, has anyone been able to use STOMP in k6? I was thinking about using a package like stompit in order to make requests over stomp. I’ve tried using webpack to bundle everything but was unsuccessful.

Hi there,

I’m not familiar with STOMP, but there’s no native support for it in k6.

What were the issues you ran into when bundling it with Webpack? Unless the lib is using a Node-specific API it should be “browserifiable” and work in k6. Did you use the template-es6 project?

If it doesn’t work and requires more low-level support, you might want to look into creating an extension with xk6. Here’s a tutorial for it while we’re working on the official documentation.

There’s a ZeroMQ extension, but I imagine an ActiveMQ one would be much more complex. It would be great if there was a generic AMQP extension that would work for these services, though I’m not sure if all of them are compatible at the protocol level.