Zendesk to Grafana


Has anyone gotten a Zendesk integration into Grafana?

I need to make a dashboard about it.


Apiant does not currently have any triggers or actions for either Grafana or Zendesk. And the Synplicity link is for a storage connector or am I missing something?
It would be awesome to have Zendesk as a datasource to display ticket stats and whatnot. Zendesk has a REST API but it is not directly compatible with the Grafana Simple json datasource.


We got it working through their own API and wrote our own connector. Cheers.

Would you be able to share the code to your connector?

I didn’t actually do this, one of the awesome guy’s on my team did. I have spoken to him, and he is going to put it on Github, may take him a little bit, he is pretty busy.

Has he had any time to put it on github yet?

Not yet… we are actually re-vamping the entire thing and he is only part time while at Uni. I will ask him about an update this week.

Almost forgot about this. Any news about the connector dln?

Hi David!
Not sure if it’s possible directly, but you can do it via Skyvia’s online platform. This tool provides a Zendesk to Grafana integration with an intermediary step of connecting to a database or a cloud data warehouse, check it here: https://skyvia.com/data-integration/analyze-zendesk-with-grafana