Zammad/ElasticSearch - Panel for Number of Open Tickets

Can someone assist me with creating a panel in Grafana to show the current number of open tickets for Zammad helpdesk (ElasticSearch).

What Timefield variable should I use for the Datasource?

Are you using this guide?

There is section called Not sure about your index names? which has some tips that might help you.

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Your response is not helpful.

Yes I have looked at the documentation, otherwise I wouldn’t be asking on here would I?

The question is how do I create a panel that shows the number of open tickets (created_at - close_at).
I am a beginner at Grafana, ElasticSearch, and Zammad. So a step by step tutorial would be helpful.

Just trying to help and you haven’t said what you have tried - I don’t assume anything when trying to help someone for the first time.

Can I also assume that you have imported the Zammad dashboard that is linked to in the documentation? Zammad: Tickets dashboard for Grafana | Grafana Labs

It contains a panel that shows the number of open and closed tickets.

There is also a Zammad community where you might find more people familiar with Zammad:

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Yes I have that dashboard.,
No it doesn’t show open tickets. It shows the number of created and closed tickets for the last 24 hours. The panel I want is a total of all open tickets (i./e. not Closed or Pending Close).
Yes, I have tried the Zammad forums but got no response there.

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