Zabbix source, offset data


I have a zabbix data source for a heat pump which contains data that is only updated briefly after midnight everyday. I want to calculate daily consumption and efficiency based on this data. However, as the data is not updated exactly at midnight, I have a small bump in data everyday.

This is the graph of the data in Zabbix

This bump causes part of the consumption to be carried over to the following day. For instance, yesterday heat pump used 10kWh of energy during the day. 8kWh are “assigned” to yesterday and 2kWh are assigned to today

This is the graph config I am using, but I came to this values by trial and error. They are close based on manual calculations, but it completely changed the efficiency figures.

I cannot change the moment at which the heat pump calculates past day consumption.
How can I make the “day” period ignore 00:00 - 00:15, start at 00:15 everyday and end at 23:59 for these graph to represent the correct data?

Thanks, stay safe!

Sorry I was not able to post the graph data config as there is a limit of 2 attachments for newly registered users.Selection_20210127_090736