Zabbix dashboard: How can I filter rows completely from a result?

Hi everyone.

I’m trying to make some Zabbix dashboards show only the rows I would like, but having some trouble getting filters and transforms to do what I want.

I have some filesystem checks that return both actual and percentage values. In this case I would rather not have the percentage values showing up as they make no sence in this context.

I have managed to do a transform that at least removes the values so at least they don’t show up as red now. Is there some way I can have the rows not even show up?

I have tried various attempts at regex filters, but I have not had any luck creating a ‘NOT’ filter (i.e. if (percentage) is in the name, filter it out). Is this even possible? Do you have a suggestion for another way to do it?

I managed to figure it out from an expression in a different graph.
This works for me:

/^(?!.))(^Free disk((?!%).)$)/

So NOT anything that ends in a close parenthesis, but everything else that match Free disk.

Looks like my backslah got lost in the expression.
Let me try that again:

/^(?!.*\))(^Free disk((?!%).)*$)/