YANG / NETCONF support in Grafana


I’m wondering why Grafana not supporting YANG / NETCONF stack?

They seems legit and standardized by IETF. Is there anyway to use Grafana with YANG language model?


Yang is indeed both specified (although not yet standardised) and used, byt the

However, lots of things are specified by the IETF, and I’m not sure where Yang
would fit into Grafana.

  1. Where would you expect to use this modelling language within Grafana and

  2. How would it be superior to anything Grafana already supports?


Thank you for your immediate response.

Lots of protocols and device specifications modeled in YANG by OpenConfig and Cisco (Cisco ydk). In complex telemetry tasks that we need complex modeling it would be ideal to use YANG for describe the models.

In other hand, Grafana already supports SNMP. As far as i know, YANG / NETCONF much newer and well supported by hardware vendors (e.g. Cisco).

So why Grafana supports SNMP, but not NETCONF?


I would guess the simple answer is that nobody has put in the effort to add
such support yet, however the good news is that since Grafana is open source
software, anyone is able to do so, and contributions to the code are welcome.