WorlPing - ICMP 5x Request vs. Request > Reply

I notice WorldPing does 5x ICMP requests then wait for reply. Another tool we use does 1x ICMP request then wait for reply, 5x. We have a set of remote destinations that don’t like the 5x request and reports 1 out of five drop on most polling cyles.

  • Can I adjust this functionality and go to request>reply, instead of 5x request burst?
  • Should I push to investigate the ICMP drops from the remote devices? ICMP can be treated differently on devices than just UDP/TCP, I’m not sure I should push the issue.
  • Is there anything to WP using 18 byte vs. some other size ICMP request size?


Raintank Wireshark

Other (PRTG) Wireshark