Word cloud plugin

Do you guys know any word cloud plugin for build panels?

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No - have not seen any word cloud plugins.

Thank you :frowning:

Using the Text panel in html mode, you might be able to add a widget/component there if the javascript is on a cdn (or you could embed the javascript in a script tag).


This looks like exactly what i need, but i’m having trouble implementing it, and i cannot find any example documentation on your Plugin.

I have an MSSQL Data source and Query that produces a table with two columns (Tag, Count)

But trying to use your plugin and inputting Count for Datasource Count Field and Tag for Datasource Tags Field doesn’t successfully produce a tag/word cloud in the plugin.

What am i overlooking?

Example of data being returned from the query/datasource:

Tag Count
option 25
long 26
position 27
up 27
price 27
margin 28
question 29
symbol 30
stock 3
shares 32
money 5

Hi! I haven’t tested it with MSSQL DS, but I think it should work. Have a look at these screenshots, maybe they help. Otherwise you can see if there is some error in the javascript console.