Windows Service won’t start if the enable property is set to true under "auth.jwt" in defaults.ini file

I have set up Nginx for reverse proxy and trying to update the defaults.ini file to support JWT. on setting the “enabled” property to true the windows service does not start and it gets into a pause state. The log file does not have any errors logged. Event logs have these logs.

Failed to read output for service Grafana. If the error persists, no more data will be written to grafana-service.log. ReadFile(): The pipe has been ended. Any help on this is appreciated.

Any luck on this? I’m hitting this same error now, too.

My issue was that my server could not communicate to my postgres database which resides on a different server. McAfee was seemingly blocking this. When I commented out the line in my custom.ini file (Windows), it would work just fine with the sqlite db.

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