Windows Logon names?

  • What Grafana version and what operating system are you using?

  • What are you trying to achieve?
    Mimic Graylog logon/logoffs for windows machines

Using windows exporter and everything works but I cannot find the actual logon/logoff. I can use this windows_logon_logon_type{} which is working but it doesnt have the information shown in the dashboard. I basically just need Employee1 logon 8:32am, logoff 845am. I have been looking for days now and finally just need to ask.

I think i figured it out, I am pretty sure it is one of these.

windows_logon_logon_type{status=“batch”} 0
windows_logon_logon_type{status=“cached_interactive”} 0
windows_logon_logon_type{status=“cached_remote_interactive”} 0
windows_logon_logon_type{status=“cached_unlock”} 0
windows_logon_logon_type{status=“interactive”} 6
windows_logon_logon_type{status=“network”} 2
windows_logon_logon_type{status=“network_clear_text”} 0
windows_logon_logon_type{status=“new_credentials”} 0
windows_logon_logon_type{status=“proxy”} 0
windows_logon_logon_type{status=“remote_interactive”} 0
windows_logon_logon_type{status=“service”} 2
windows_logon_logon_type{status=“system”} 1
windows_logon_logon_type{status=“unlock”} 0