Why is line not visible on graph?

Grafana 8.5.4

Expect to see the line. Hovering shows the value.

Trying to graph process metrics and get usable name and associate with service name.

old query (running a forked version of wmi_exporter that uses a wmi call to rename the process names to the service name)

sum by (process)(rate(wmi_process_cpu_time_total{process=~"$PROCESS_VAR"}[1m]))


* on(instance, process_id) group_left(name, display_name, run_as) windows_service_info{display_name=~"$PROCESS_VAR"}) 
without (mode,process_id)



There is a connect null configuration, might that help?

you can see above 3.85 is the value. it is not null. no graph line is created

where is the next value. the connect null configuration is for when there is a gap between one value in time series to the next

i tried your suggestion. did not help

Seems something going on with thanos … craziest thing. When i search for 1 hour 1 data point shown. When i search 6 hours one data point shown at different time. The 1 hour being part of 6 both should show.