Why is custom.ini not being used for APT Linux install?

I first tried installing Grafana on Windows and was able to use custom.ini just fine to override [auth.anonymous]

However when performing the same thing with the Linux APT version on Ubuntu 20.04 I’m having zero luck.

Grafana just steadfastly refuses to read my custom.ini file.

What’s going on here?

The APT version does use the custom.ini file as far as I can make out from the documentation?


Ok, figured it out. APT versions also use grafana.ini

Man, that was unnecessarily frustrating.

Sorry about the confusion. As I’m sure you finally noticed, the filenames are mentioned in the config docs, but we should probably make a clear note in the docs, or even better, make the names consistent.

Not sure if there was a reasoning behind these names. interesting question though…

Apologies for being grumpy - love your tool, it’s super handy!

I think my confusion came from originally reading this bit when I was setting up:

You can install Grafana using our official APT repository, [or] by downloading a .deb package

So when I got to this bit in the config and read the following I assumed it didn’t apply as I used APT:

If you installed Grafana using the deb or rpm packages, then your configuration file is located at /etc/grafana/grafana.ini and a separate custom.ini is not used.

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v. good point. We should def clarify that! :grafana: :heart: