Why do you need to install loki-gateway?

Why do we need to use gateways to proxy apis? why not route traffic directly to loki-read and loki-write?

Looking forward to any reply

The gateway serves two primary purpose:

  1. Direct traffic to the right place. You need a way to send read traffic to the read path and write traffic to the write path (obviously not a concern if you run a single instance, but you don’t want to do that in production environment either). For example, you don’t want to send /loki/api/v1/push to the querier, and unless you want to use different URLs for read and write you need a proxy that can direct traffic based on HTTP path.

  2. Authentication if you want multi-tenant mode for Loki. Loki itself doesn’t do authentication, that part is offloaded to the proxy, which handles username / password and sets X-Scope-OrgID header accordingly.