Why can't modify the Cortex/Loki alerting?

Hi all,

I’m using the OSS v8.4.5, why can’t i see the edit/delete icon but only view for the Cortex/Loki alerting? Did i miss any setting?

Thanks a lot!

@evan508 I can’t tell from your screenshot which user type you’re logged in as. If you have anonymous access or another viewer role - it could explain why you’re not seeing the edit button.

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Thanks so much for your reply! I login as the admin, I also tried the editor role, it does’t work :frowning:
I used Prometheus + Alertmanager + Grafana, why the rues of Prometheus is sorted as ‘Cortex / Loki’ in the ‘Alert rules’ panel, but when I create a new rule , I can’t choose the ‘Cortex / Loki managed alert’ (no datasources found), Does it mean we only can view or edit the existed rules of the Prometheus but can’t create a new one ? I have to add the new rule in the /prometheus/rues.yml ?

here is the datasource I have configured.

Thanks again !

@evan508 I wonder if you clicked the toggle in the datasource configuration to manage alerts via the UI:

Screen Shot 2022-04-21 at 1.53.45 PM

@melori.arellano Yes, the screenshot is as below:


after I switch it off it shows “There are no Prometheus or Loki datas sources configured.”