Why "Add field from calculation" feature is not stable in zabbix datasource?

Hello friends!
I use Transform a lot but the feature doesn’t work well with zabbix datasource. Works well at “play.grafana.org” on same version and also ELK datastores.

Any of the calculation works well as you can see in the screenshots.

My understanding is visualization panels and all the associated functionality (Transformations) work independently of the Datasource type (i.e. MSSQL, MYSQL, Zabbix, etc.). I’m seeing a similar behavior for TestDataSource.

You mind posting data in a Tabular format?

If time stamps don’t align Mean and Total are equivalent.
Total Below

Mean Below

Yess, I found the rootcause by examining data by tabular format. The series are always on different timelines by zabbix. And if I aggregate manually on source, they can allign into same timeline and can calculate.

before manual aggregation on source:

after manual aggregation on source:

Thanks for the sparkles @gurpartapsbhatti :slight_smile:

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