Which Grafana database table stores Silences data?

I am self-hosting Grafana instance (v9.5.2) with MySQL database (v5.7.41) which I need to relocate from one bare metal machine to another bare metal machine. I already know that the database contains alert rules, user, organisations because I executed “SHOW TABLES;” in MySQL console. But I was not able to locate where internally Grafana stores Silences which are important to me. May be helpful (I don’t understand the code but found it during initial research for my problem): Alerting: Persist notification log and silences to the database by gotjosh · Pull Request #39005 · grafana/grafana · GitHub

Hi! :wave:

Silences are stored on disk as they are a feature of Alertmanager, as that’s how Alertmanager stores its state.

Hi, and thank you for swift response! Is it documented anywhere which files are used by Alertmanager to store its state? If yes, I could simply copy them to the target machine.

Apologies, I stand corrected. I forgot about that pull request. Silences are stored in a table called kv_store.