Where case with a "no option found"

i have the Fields below

i would like to show only with a spezific name
i would have expected to have a rule in the where field but there it say only
“no option found”
the data came from a node Red inject into influxDB 1.8.
Should there be some more information injected to get the where case working?
have a nice day

The WHERE clause works on tags. Does your data have tags applied? It does sound like you need to apply some additional tags in order to achieve what you want

merci @svetb
so i will have to find out how to change my node red function node about this tags. But first to find out how ;-(

i need help!
i have in node red a function node collecting the information

lat: msg.payload.satPos.lat,
lon: msg.payload.satPos.lng,

Sunlite: msg.payload.sunLit,
satellite: msg.payload.satellite,
satName: msg.payload.satDisplayName,

like this as a small part
But how to tag this information too?
or is there another option, i have in the field(satName) multiple Names i would like to count theme and show the sum too

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