When setting up a user invitation how to I specify the correct URL to direct them to so they can validate?

Background: I have Grafana set up in an ECS Fargate stack using the 7.5.1 images. When I invite a new user they get an email (this is all internal to the organization). Then they response to the email with a link that is sent to them.

Right now that email is pointing to: http://localhost:3000/invite

How do I use the real address, which actually an A-record in Route 53.

Is this environment variable what needs to change? GF_SERVER_ROOT_URL

If so, would I specify: GF_SERVER_ROOT_URL=“https://myactualgrafana-a-record/” ?



Yes, that’s exactly right.

Thank you! I’ll give that a shot.

Works great! Thanks again. :slight_smile: