What is the best data source for storing Json (or XML) data then use in Grafana?


What is the best/recommended data source plugin to use to store json (or XML) structured data, that I later can use (query) in Grafana, there are so many data source plugins to choose from… help!?
I just want a data source that I will intergrade with, to just store the structured json (alt XML) data coming from our internal system.

I looked at PostgreSQL and no-sql, but I think the query language will be too complex when your start making queries on a deep json structure.

This is an simple example in no-sql: find in_stock>0 and order by price:
ex. SELECT * FROM products WHERE (data->>‘in_stock’)::integer > 0 ORDER BY (data->>‘price’)::decimal DESC LIMIT 1;

(Maybe storing XML is better?!)

Suggestions please!?


Hi Anders,

I think that ElasticSearch and PostgreSQL can be the best datasource for you use case,
but you must keep in mind that if you data-structure in complicated then yours querys will no be simple.