What is it about port 3000 on Windows?

On my machine ‘locally’, I get the “An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions” error using port 3000. Yet I also tried on a fresh Windows 10 (Hyper-V) VM, and that is ok on 3000.
What is it that causes this port to fail? I haven’t found any netstat option that lists 3000 as being in use.
(Yep - I know I can move the port when necessary. But I’d like to understand when/where I’ll be able to continue using the default when I deploy to multiple other machines)


How are you trying to run Grafana? (Docker, built from sources, installing it from binaries?)

All these options work for me on Windows 10 (Pro and Family Edition).

Hi, I’m installing from the MSI (no docker etc).
On my ‘local’ machine I had first installed from zip file, running from command line, then installed as service with NSSM. But I did then bin that and run the MSI instead.

Did the first installation work? Are you sure your first service is not preventing the second instance to access the 3000 port? Do you see a Grafana service running?