What files should I COPY when preparing a scratch container?

I’m working on decreasing the size of our Grafana container and would like some guidance on what I should consider including in my final build. Currently, my last step looks like this:

# Create final stage containing only required artifacts
FROM scratch
ENV SRC_DIR=/go/src/github.com/grafana/grafana/

COPY --from=build $SRC_DIR/conf ./conf
COPY --from=build $SRC_DIR/public ./public
COPY --from=build $SRC_DIR/bin/grafana-server ./bin/grafana-server


CMD ["./bin/grafana-server"]

conf for custom configurations
public for scripted dashboards and front-end customizations
and the grafana-server binary

Should I be including any other paths in my final build?

I can’t comment on using scratch, but this is an example of doing the same thing using stretch-slim