What effect has the editable boolean in the dashboard yaml file when provisioning dashboards?


I’m trying to setup provisioned dashboards by using a yaml file in the provisioning folder of Grafana. This looks like this:

apiVersion: 1


  • name: ‘default-test1’
    folder: ‘test1’
    orgid: 1
    type: file
    disableDeletion: false
    editable: false
    updateIntervalSeconds: 10
    path: /var/lib/grafana/dashboards/test1

My question is what the editable boolean exactly does? In my experience dashboards can still be edited while I have set the boolean to false. So it seems it doesn’t really have any effect, or am I missing something?

Does somebody know what the effect is of setting the boolean to either true or false?

Thanks in advance.

Hello, I am curious about the same. I do not see any change based on this setting